Welcome to the Show

Welcome to the Show is a feature film written & directed by Dorie Barton, starring up-and-coming actors Richard Follin, Dillon Douglasson, Keegan Garant, and Christopher Martin. Shot by DP Alex Kent, and produced by S.C.V. Taylor of Monopol Films and Dorie Barton of Flip Side Films. 

Four best friends, on a wild last hurrah as college students, attend a piece of immersive theatre simply called "The Show." They find themselves on an adventure far different from what they had expected, falling down the rabbit hole of suspicion, confusion, and danger, testing their friendships and their sanity as they seek to discover what "The Show" truly is. 

The film was shot over a 10-day production schedule, entirely on location in Richmond, Virginia over the Thanksgiving holiday of 2019, and edited and composed during the lockdown of 2020. 


Featuring an all original soundtrack by Pickled Bones:    Andrew Bonieskie & Dillon Douglasson. 

Photo by Liza Hazelwood. Poster design by Christopher Martin




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We are thrilled to announce that Welcome to the Show will be having its World Premiere with Cinequest Film Festival: Cinejoy, March 20 - 30 2021. 


Stay tuned for info on tickets, exclusive interviews, and screening parties. 

Welcome to the Show!

The Four Gentlemen of Welcome to the Show at Helen's

Richard Follin, Dillon Douglasson, Christopher Martin, and Keegan Garant 

Maria Lo Presti, Rachel Foeller, Rebecca Bailey, Havy Nguyen, Trinitee Pearson, and Sarah Velasco-Kent

Richard Follin, Keegan Garant, Christopher Martin, and Dillon Douglasson 

Tevin Davis, Tara Malaka, The Four Gentlemen, The Eaters of Milk, and The Chess Club 

Produced by S.C.V. Taylor and Dorie Barton. 
Written & Directed by Dorie Barton.
Cinematographer: Alex Kent.
Co-edited by Tyler Scheerschmidt.
Composed by Andrew Bonieskie and Dillon Douglasson. 
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